Rainbow Harvest, through its qualified growers, commercializes and supplies fresh and quality food. A strict control and a close supervision are performed starting on the land and extended to all processes carried out until final conservation under controlled temperature. This allows Rainbow Harvest to guaranty the highest quality standards on fresh products worldwide delivery.

“Evergreen” philosophy

This  philosophy involves the commitment of offering the client first quality and freshest products all over the year. Due to our exclusive contracts with farmers worldwide you have the privilege of being first in selecting and choosing their crops.

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What we offer

International marketing of agricultural products

Either fresh or elaborated

Our main products are garlic, both as bulbs and seeds, cherries, and olive oil, but we extend our competences to any other fruit or vegetables.

Differential values


Spain is a well known, highly reputed agricultural country, and,  Rainbow Harvest, as a Spanish company, started its activities in this long established national tradition of agribusinesses based upon the following skills:

  • Direct cooperation with producers to select the best products
  • Long experience in international marketing
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the specific demands of every market